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Fair Districts Florida Amendments Analysis

The Community Census and Redistricting Institute has just released an analysis of Florida Amendments 5 and 6, slated for the ballot on November 2, 2010.  The analysis examines the the potential effects of the Amendments on minority voting rights in Florida.  The document is available for download under the "Materials" tab, in a folder entitled Fair Districts Florida Analysis.

NEW Materials posted from the Expert Preparation and Community Education Program (July 26-31, 2010). The materials are posted under the “Materials” tab, in 3 folders—CCRI Presentations July 2010, CCRI Redistricting Scenarios, and CCRI General Redistricting Information.

Welcome to the Community Census & Redistricting Institute

The Community Census & Redistricting Institute is a collaborative of community advocates, academics and attorneys who work together to demonstrate the need for minority representation, draw fair redistricting plans, advocate for the adoption of those plans, defend their legality, and ensure full enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. There are three core functions of the Institute: 1) Expert Preparation & Education; 2) Organization Collaboration; and 3) Data & Research Clearinghouse.


Expert Preparation & Education

One of the central goals of the Institute is to prepare an expanding pool of expert persons that will assist with the redistricting process from beginning to end; and to educate community organizations on census and redistricting concepts, processes, rules and implications. [more]



The Institute serves an important collaborative purpose. The collaborative activities facilitates communication between academics and community groups and encourage effective communication between groups that do not necessarily operate from the same perspectives. [more]


Data & Research Clearinghouse

Community organizations as well as the Institute's former program participants and other burgeoning experts will benefit from our online data and research warehouse containing useful information pertaining to census and redistricting. [more]


  • Redistricting Reform: Not Justified by Political Science Research

    Posted by Anita / on 09/03/2010 / 0 Comments

    Professor Raymond La Raja of the U Mass Dept of Political Science, conducted a review of the field of research on redistricting in a recent article for the Annual Review of Political Science.  In this article, he concludes that "a review of the literature shows that major questions have not been resolved regarding the effects of redistricting on electoral competition, partisan polarization, and representation of communities of interest, especially minorities.  Moreoever, there is insufficient evidence from empirical research to justify any particular reform of the redistricting process." His article is posted here in the file cabinet under "Redistricting Reform"

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